The Colorado Mergers and Acquisitions Conference: Keys to Selling Your Business

Coming Fall 2017

Denver, CO

Selling Your Business is Not Easy, BlueSky delivers your individual answers.

When you attend, this is what you will learn:

  • How to get a significantly higher sale price.
  • When it is advantageous to delay the sale and focus on improving the value of your company.
  • How to determine the real “market value” of your company and master valuation discussions.
  • Tips for managing the emotional aspects of the sale as the business owner and with your employees.

When you attend, you will have access to:

  • Buyers Panel – Understand the mindset of the buyer – gain their view of the key elements they look for
  • Sellers Panel – Learn from people who have sold their business – What surprised them? What were their keys in getting a superior price for their business?
  • Deal Structure Panel – Explore the implications of the alternative deal structures including; What is the mix of cash and earn-outs and tax implications, owner’s carry, bank and other sources of financing
  • Business Preparation Panel – Gain knowledge about the fundamentals of a great business plan, relative and believable financial projections. What are the current trends and scope of the due diligence?

To prepare your business for M&A, a personalized, candid analysis of your business is required. Blue Sky Advisors has assembled seasoned experts with over 250 years of combined expertise in the M&A field. Fourteen interactive panelists will answer your questions from their own experiences in buying, selling and structuring business transactions. Go in with “your eyes wide open”.

This is not your ordinary Mergers & Acquisition Seminar.

The two days are designed to answer your questions and give you knowledge of the process and elements of a better, smoother transaction.

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Featured Speakers & Panelists Include:

Our Speakers and Panelists are experts in their respective areas of the M&A processes and bring over 250 years of combined expertise in the M&A field. You will benefit from these experts experience in the areas of Valuation and Evaluation, Deal Structuring, Negotiating the deal, Closing the deal, as well as: Interactive Buyer’s Panel, Seller’s Panel Business Preparation Panel, and a Deal Structure Panel.

Dr. David Gruder – Speaker


Dr. David Gruder, the 11-award-winning founder & president of Integrity Culture Systems™, is a Psychologist specializing in Leader Effectiveness, Enterprise Success, and Culture Architecture. A highly rated international speaker, trainer, consultant, and trusted advisor, Dr. Gruder’s mission is to make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, and society healthy. He is known for his broad talents, integrative mind, unquenchable passion, huge heart, deep integrity, and naked authenticity. Those he assists ascribe their success to his uncanny ability to translate intentions and values into step-by-step implementation procedures that enable leaders, enterprises, and causes to walk their talk.

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Dr. Gruder earned his PhD in clinical & organizational development psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1982, a decade after he was trained in Master Planning (50-100 year plans). An entrepreneur since 1980, he became dually licensed in California as a psychologist (PSY9266) and a marriage & family therapist (MFT18889) in the mid-1980s. As a leader, trainer and keynote speaker, he combines four decades of expertise in curriculum design and training techniques with his early experiences as a musician (trombone and voice), actor, and vocal director, and his extensive experience providing psychotherapy between 1980 and 2000. As a professional writer and frequent media guest, he also draws on his early experiences as the executive editor of a university newspaper and his education in print and broadcast journalism.

In addition to international acclaim as a thought leader in integrity and ethics, Dr. Gruder’s expertise includes Leader Personal Power Effectiveness, Strategic Integrated Self-Development, High-Performance Team Collaboration, Holding People Accountable Without Being a Tyrant, the Psychology of Effective Messaging & Marketing, Entrepreneur Success Psychology (including Sequencing Effectiveness), the Psychology of Successful Rainmaking With Funders, Visibility Creators & Customers, Skills for Repairing Our Hyper-Polarized Perpetual Stress Society, and Energy Psychology.

Since the 1970s, Dr. Gruder has held administrative, leadership and training roles in virtually every sector of the human potential movement. Over the course of his career, he has provided keynotes and training programs on well over 100 different topics in leadership, entrepreneurship, psychology, relationship development, and self-development, in 7 countries on 3 continents, and via the Internet. He has been a consultant, mentor, and trusted advisor to a wide variety of leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, work teams, helping professionals, elected officials, and integrative self-developers, in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors. In addition to founding for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, he has served on numerous boards of directors, has been Special Counsel to CEOs and Boards, has been a TEDx Speaker, and has trained a group of World Trade Organization Ambassadors.

Dr. Gruder is on the board and faculty for CEO Space International, a leading entrepreneur development organization. He is also a Core Faculty with the California Institute for Human Science, a Guest Faculty for the Association for Integrative Health & Medicine’s Inter-professional Fellowship Program, and a Certified Elder in the ManKind Project, an international nonprofit whose mission is creating a safer world through helping men become safer and more integrous. In the mid-1970s he was the administrative assistant to the president of Alfred University, and an administrator for the first integrative health and medicine professional organization, the Association for Holistic Health. He went on in 1998 to co-found and serves as the first president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). He also co-architected ACEP’s code of ethics and two of their certification programs.

Dr. Gruder was taken by surprise in 2002 when he was named the first recipient of a leadership award that had been named in his honor (the David Gruder Leadership Award). Radio and TV Reports proclaimed him “America’s Integrity Expert” in 2008. In 2016, he received an additional award for his work in creating collaborative cultures in organizations.

Having grown up being relentlessly edited in technical writing by his attorney father, and in creative writing by his published-poet mother, Dr. Gruder was virtually destined to become a multi-award-winning author. As a young man, he added journalism to his repertoire through being a proofreader, reporter, columnist, and ultimately executive editor of his college newspaper. He has since appeared in 23 books that he has authored, co-authored, been the Psychology Editor for, written chapters in, or authored forewords or afterwords. A multi-category best selling writer (business leadership, business consulting, and small business & entrepreneur consulting), the books of which he has been the primary or sole author have won 8 awards in: “Politics & Society,” “Culture Change,” “Business & Leadership,” “Health & Wellness,” “Mental Health,” “Psychology,” and “Self-Help” (2 times). Those awards began with his first published book, Sensible Self-Help: The First Road Map for the Healing Journey, which won two book awards, including Colliers 1997 Mental Health Book of the Year. His classic on integrity restoration, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships & Our World, earned six more awards. Over the course of his career he has also produced well over a dozen training manuals, 70+ audio programs, two certification programs, multiple online courses, and A Declaration of Global Responsibility: 10 Principles for an Integrated Response to the Root Causes of Terrorism.

Dr. Gruder credits his training in print and broadcast journalism in college with laying a solid foundation that resulted in his having given hundreds of local, syndicated, and national radio, television and print interviews over nearly four decades. He has also published numerous articles in a variety of outlets. Some highlights include Inc (twice), Forbes (17 times), Nonprofit Performance Magazine (3 times), and co-hosted the Integrity Talk Radio show until time demands made it impractical for him to continue that show.

A child of the 1950s & 1960s, David’s parents naively sent him to Woodstock when he was 15 (a very funny story!), and his experiences there continue to influence his personal and professional life in surprisingly useful ways. Having been in New York when 9-11 attacks occurred equally profoundly impacted him. David’s first love was music. When he won his first award at age 17 (the G. Gordon Knight Award for Outstanding Musicianship), he was expected by many to make music his career. From age 10 to 21, he performed on trombone and vocally. As a trombonist, he was in classical and marching bands, classical orchestras, jazz ensembles, and performed in pit orchestra for musicals. As a vocalist, he sang in large choirs, in small ensembles (classical, pop, and barbershop quartet), as a soloist, and as a lead-role actor in musicals. He also served as vocal director and assistant conductor for a couple of musicals. Having grown up in and around New York City, David has lived in San Diego, California, since 1975. His wife Laurie is a licensed acupuncturist and artist with a permanent exhibition in San Diego (and soon in Chicago as well). They take great delight in having boundless fun with each other, with their unendingly delightful cats Isabel & Sage, and with their family and friends.

Link to David’s web site for visitors from Blue Sky web site
Dr. Gruder’s main website

David Johnson – Speaker / Panelist


Dave’s industry experience includes software, renewable energy, professional services, gaming, high tech manufacturing and engineering.

Dave brings substantial academic background in addition to 30 years of industry experience. He holds a BA-Accounting (Electrical Engineering minor) from the University of Washington, an MBA-Finance from the University of California – Berkeley, an MPA-Organization Behavior from the University of Southern California, a PhD (ABD)- Public Finance from the University of Southern California and is also an active licensed CPA in Washington.

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Specialties and Background
Dave is co-founder and Managing Partner of C Squared Solutions LLC. C Squared is so named because of its approach to analytics and driving action in client companies. C Squared provides analytical, management and planning expertise from both the operations and finance perspective. Dave possesses 30 years of management experience from companies such as KPMG, Sprint, Bank of America, Zentec, Sodak Gaming, Evolving Systems, and Encorp. He has served in roles as CEO, COO and CFO at both publicly traded and privately owned companies. He is also an interim CFO, COO or CEO who stabilizes companies as the Board searches for the permanent C-level executive. Dave has served in this role for VC and PE backed portfolio companies. He also serves on not for profit boards of directors.

Dave has been described as a leader, teacher and problem solver who has experienced high growth environments and turn-around situations. He was part of the founding team at Sprint, was an active team leader in building two companies from early stage through IPO, and provided senior management in the turnaround of Sodak Gaming and Evolving Systems where shareholder value increased over $1.5 billion.

Dave is known for his unique talent of forming strategic plans and implementation steps that succeed. This success is accomplished through hands-on technical skills and producing focused teams that hit measurable goals on time. His mentorship produces strong teams and innovative processes that continue long after the engagement ends.

Dale Richards – Speaker / Panelist


Dale S. Richards is the CEO of Excel Management Systems, Inc., a 25+ year Utah-based business valuation and optimization firm. Mr. Richards is a National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA) Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) Professional. He also serves on the Quality Assurance Board of NACVA. Dale has turned around 150+ western US companies.

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Mr. Richards has 25+ years of executive management experience as CEO, President, CFO, COO, CMO and Board of Director in the aerospace, utility, software, manufacturing and biomedical industries.He serves on the Board of Directors of four-for-profit and one non-profit companies. Dale graduated the top student in his MBA class, has a Chemical Engineering BS degree. Dale is a Vistage Chair of a Utah CE Group and a Vistage International Speaker.

Troy Tucker – Speaker / MC


Troy Tucker, is an Accredited Business Intermediary, Certified Mergers and Acquisition Professional and a Senior Valuation Analyst at Blue Sky Business Resources in Sandy, UT.

He is a consummate professional, dedicated to providing confidential and dedicated service to his clients and peers.

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Troy has started, developed and managed several businesses, and is currently running multiple enterprises. Additionally, he has worked as a professional sales executive working in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and software.

He enjoys working with transitioning business owners and entrepreneurs brokering / developing business concepts or franchises. He is a member of the American Business Brokers Association, International Business Brokers Association, and Mergers & Acquisitions Source.

Steve Breitman – Panelist


Steve Breitman is a CFO with a CEO perspective. His hands-on work in operations sets him apart from traditional accountants. He understands how business “really” works. Steve can not only tell you what the bottom line is, but why and then use the information to illuminate the steps needed to grow your business.

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Steve trained as a CPA and has 28 years of accounting, financial and operational management experience. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, Magna Cum Laude, with a BBA in Accounting. Steve’s career path led him to work in public accounting and to hold a variety of management positions including CFO, Regional Controller, Corporate Director of Management Reporting, Executive Director and Regional Manager. He had management responsibility for 6 business sites with 175 employees and $20 million in revenue as well as reporting responsibility for 25 business sites with $120 million in revenue.

Steve gives back to the community by volunteering his time. He serves as a Board Member of the Better Business Bureau and is on the Finance Committee of the Better Business Bureau Foundation.

Donna Lance – Panelist


Ms. Lance’s legal career includes representing large and small for profit and not-for profit organizations, with choice of entity selection, organization, business purchase and sell transactions, financing, corporate governance, private offerings of securities and contract needs.

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Donna also has significant experience with commodities hedging instruments, including the use of derivatives and ISDA contracts. Donna’s experience as in-house counsel with large and small and growing companies provides her valuable insight into the needs and challenges of businesses and business owners.

Donna also advises individuals with their private business ownership issues and their estate planning needs. Ms. Lance considers the use of business organizations, will, trusts, and buy-sell agreements as mechanisms to accomplish the desires of her individual clients. Ms. Lance has valuable insight into the financial needs of individuals and ability to communicate with the individual’s other trusted advisors, including financial planners.

Donna earned a BS in Business Administration and an M.B.A. from the University of Kansas, with each degree concentrated in finance and accounting. After serving as a Sr. Vice President and Controller of a bank and bank holding company, Donna attended Washburn University School of Law, graduating Cum Laude. While in law school, Donna represented Washburn University in Moot Court competition and served on the Washburn Law Journal, publishing an article titled “Can The Glass-Steagall Act Be Justified Under the Global Free Market Policies Of The NAFTA.”

Mike Becker – Panelist


Mike Becker is a founding partner and principal of Plexus Capital, LLC. Mr. Becker began his career in corporate finance in 1997 with Townsend Frew and Company in Durham, NC as an investment banking analyst.

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In 1999, he joined Trident Securities as an associate where he concentrated on initial public offerings and merger and acquisition work for middle market financial institutions. From 2001-2002, Mr. Becker continued his career as a Vice President with RBC Centura Capital Markets where he was responsible for facilitating and structuring private placement transactions, merger and acquisition transactions, and overall corporate finance duties. In between his first and second years of MBA school, he worked in the sales and trading capital markets group for Lehman Brothers in New York then joined Triangle Capital Partners in Raleigh, NC where he was responsible for identifying, executing, underwriting, and closing mezzanine investments for an $80 million SBIC Mezzanine Fund.

Mr. Becker holds a BSBA and MBA degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

* * *

With offices in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, Plexus Capital manages $550 million across three funds and supports a wide variety of transaction structures including acquisitions, buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth capital. Since 2005, Plexus has invested over $411 million in 65 companies.

Andrew Reed – Panelist


Andrew Reed is a retired corporate executive having worked for 41+ years with major global corporations. He has lived and worked in many different countries, locations and cultures around the world successfully managing diverse teams of individuals.

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With a science and engineering background, Reed took on into leadership roles with increasing responsibility covering project management, business development, strategic growth initiatives and executive management culminating as Global Divisional CEO of a multinational organization.

During the course of his career, he has been engaged in multiple corporate M&A deals, both domestically and internationally, primarily in the area of portfolio expansion. He has been involved in all stages such as target identification and screening, purchase agreement negotiation as well as post-deal integration. As a result, he is intimately familiar with the upsides and downsides of both parties throughout the complete acquisition process.

Reed now has his own consulting practice, Reed Consulting Services LLC, focused on helping Owners of small to medium sized companies develop and implement Business Growth Strategies.

Sage Harrison – Panelist


Sage Harrison is a principal at Trinity Private Equity Group and is responsible for business development, due diligence, fundraising, and portfolio growth strategy. He serves as a board advisor for two startup software companies. At Careerbuilder, his clients included AT&T, Live Nation, JB Hunt, Exxon Mobil, and Flour. Sage graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU) with a B.A. in psychology.

John Moyles – Panelist


John Moyles is a former Marine who has over 20 years of business expertise in the information technology space as an IT leader and business strategist. Over those twenty years, John has founded, grown, and sold three separate startups.

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In between startups, John has spent his time as a business consultant, working with small companies to build and stabilize internal departments, process, controls, realize cost and revenue efficiencies in their business structure, and align the business as a whole to meet growth and exit strategies.

For the last four years, John has worked for a mid-range managed services firm based out of Orange County, California as the Director of Mergers, Acquisitions & Integrations. During his time with the firm, it has grown from a $20M regionalized business to an $80M national business with international operations through a serial acquisition strategy.

Having learned painful lessons as a three time seller of his startups, and as a buyer of multiple companies with his current firm, John is passionate about working with companies to realize their full potential on both the seller and buyer side of the M&A table.

John has lived in Denver, Colorado since 2000, and lives with his lovely, talented, and funny wife Elizabeth, and two somewhat less lovely, talented, and funny dogs – Zeus and Apollo.

This conference will explore and answer:

  • What are the variables that will get you a significantly greater sale price?
  • When is it best to delay the sale and focus on improving the value of your company?
  • Understanding the true “market value” of your company and how to deal with the valuation discussions.
  • Managing the emotional aspects of the sale; your own, your family, your loyal employees.

What Makes This Conference Different?

Our speakers and panelists will be available during the entire event. They will host and direct the lunch tables, giving each attendee the opportunity to present challenges, ask questions and support each other. They will also attend the after-hours cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres networking event Friday evening.

One nugget of information from a Speaker or Panelist that helps you avoid the pitfalls of a bad transaction or provides you introductions to buyers and buyer networks could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed for business owners who are considering selling their business within the next few years, and are generating revenues in the range of five million dollars or more. Also, Corporate executives at private capital-backed and closely held companies, private equity principals, venture capital investors and public-company corporate development officers.

How Can I Register?

Registration Opening Soon

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