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VP - Business Development

Anasa brings more than seventeen years of experience in leadership, business development, sales coaching, and client relationship building to the Blue Sky team. She is also an accomplished athlete who lives the grit, teamwork, and determination necessary to win in everything that she does.


Originally a scientist, Anasa specialized in the practical application of technical and logical analytics to interdepartmental operations and laboratory operations. She quickly realized that her passions were elsewhere, and she transferred to the business and relationship management arena. She now puts all of her considerable energy and intellect toward “helping others excel in achieving their goals.”

 Over the years, Anasa has created synergy and led multiple teams to achieve numerous awards in service-based sales and clientele development. Colleagues affectionately know her as "the relationship builder."

 As Vice President of Business Development, Anasa brings passion, integrity, and a bit of grit to our team. She cultivates nurturing, meaningful relationships with trusted advisors and business owners, and oversees the planning and execution of educational initiatives.


In her "down" time, Anasa's passions of adventure & exploration is expressed thru her hobbies: accelerating thru curves on her motorcycle, shark diving, mountain biking, and indulging in foods from around the world!

Areas of Speciality

Business Development, Sales Coaching, & Client Relationship Cultivation