Integrated Accountability Procedures

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Integrated Accountability Procedures

Many businesses believe that building a high performance culture requires integrity, collaboration, job engagement/fulfillment, accountability, and loyalty. The problem is that these values remain little more than good intentions until they are translated into effective skills & procedures. Business purchasers tend to be more attracted to acquiring companies whose executives, managers and personnel use such procedures on a daily basis. 

Over his decades as a business development psychologist, Dr. Gruder has found that four integrated skills are foundational in creating high performance cultures that live these values rather than merely putting them on posters or including them in their personnel handbook. They are:

  1. Establishing Accountability-Capable Agreements
  2. Holding Regular Debriefings That Evolve Best Practices
  3. Facilitating Implementation Breakdown Repairs That Enhance Collaboration
  4. Conducting Performance Reviews That Maximize Engagement

This course introduces you to practical procedures for building each of these core culture competencies.

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