Blue Sky Business Resources is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that works with business owners from start to finish buying, selling or expanding their business.  Our expertise will guide you through the process and give you confidence every step of the way.  We have the best talent in the industry and we look forward to showing you firsthand why our customers prefer the “Blue Sky” way!

If your business is your baby, selling it is much like sending your child off to college. Sure you’ll see each other again, you may even live together again but deep down, you know the relationship has changed. It has matured and separated. This is what you built your business for.

At Blue Sky Business Resources, we understand. Our team has sent more than our fair share of babies off to college with a lot of success.

We’ll also tell you if your baby isn’t ready and we can bring in the right team to help you prepare and make sure your business has the best chance of success.

And if your baby is short on funds to really strut their stuff or has a light track record, we can help there too.

Like any child going off on their own, your baby needs a place to stay. Blue Sky handles commercial real estate to buy, sell or lease.

You’ll only send your baby off to college once. No matter how well you prepare, there will always be tinges of guilt, concern or worry. With Blue Sky as your counselor, we’re confident you can move on to the next chapter with no regrets.

We support business owners through the following service offerings:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are looking to grow, sell or acquire another business our professional team can help you determine the best move for you to meet your business goals.

Appraisal Services

Knowing your business’s true value is paramount. Our accredited professionals provide evaluation services specific to your business and industry. We also offer third party business valuations to support the estate planning, insurance and business planning needs of business owners nationally.

Strategy & Advisory

Tap into the experience of our seasoned executive management team to help limit expensive mistakes or overcome significant challenges during critical times of your business’s life cycle.

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