Our dedicated Advisors are here to help you achieve your goals.  In a commitment to ensuring dedicated service and aggressive efforts on your behalf, Advisors limit the number of clients they take at any given time. 

Blue Sky is a full lifecycle Investment Bank working with your business to help secure your:

• First institutional capital (usually Series A on follow along investments)
• Least expensive debt
• Source growth capital (minority equity)
• Support buy-side acquisitions for your business
• Ultimately...help drive the largest possible exit for you and your shareholders  

Business & Market Strategy Guide

It all starts with the Business & Market Strategy Guide.  This is your subscription to a quarterly review of your operation and the impact of your strategic plans.  We provide you the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the key opportunities your business has to excel and where you stack up compared to your industry peers. 

Our in-depth analysis will cover:

  • Benchmarking against industry peers
  • Working capital analysis
  • Customer and vendor concentration
  • Privately held business market comps
  • Up to 9 different valuation methods
  • Industry analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Bank modeling

The concluding report will give you the information most impactful and meaningful to your business.  

This deep operational assessment is designed to help:

  • Determine the right time to sell your business
  • Prioritize your opportunities and develop strategic plans
  • Track the progress of initiative implementation
  • Protect against backslide
  • Improve core operational metrics (ie. cash flow, turnover, inventory management, etc.)
  • Identify and implement meaningful growth strategies

Process Optimization

An incomplete or non existent business process can cost you in terms of time, quality, waste, and morale.  Business processes impact your entire business from hiring to production to sales and customer relationship management.  Whether you need to start the process development from scratch or simply to refine the processes already in place, we can help with strategies that are flexible, trackable, and will grow with your business.  

Take a quick inventory of your organization's processes.  

  • Is your process documented such that any employee can read the SOP and understand the basic expectations of performance?
  • Is your team focused more on continuous improvement or putting out fires?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of your potential growth bottlenecks and a strategy for overcoming them?

If you answered no to any of these questions, allow our team of project specialists to come in and work with you.

Capital Raise

Blue Sky provides several methods of capital raise. Joe Milam of Blue Sky is a registered representative of and conducts equity capital raise services through Finalis Securities LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. It is advised to use registered bankers to support these types of transactions.

Debt is the least costly form of capital because it doesn’t require exchanging equity for capital VC funding (Series A and beyond). Minority growth equity (usually Family Office or Private Equity) investments can be employed to provide growth capital to support acquisitions, hire additional sales or marketing, and to provide founders with a liquidity event prior to a full exit.

For earlier stage companies, we offer an Early Stage Valuation process that provides a market-based valuation of your business to help support any investment discussions you may be having. This process would also lead directly into any outreach Blue Sky does on your company’s behalf.

M&A Transactions

Sell-Side Engagements

Do you know how or when you are going to exit your business?

Can you sell your business for enough to retire comfortably and care for your family? 

Would you consider bringing on an equity partner to gain much needed capital for your growth plans?

Our sell-side advisors can help you answer these questions and help you make decisions that will achieve the best possible outcomes.  If now is the right time to sell your business, our team will run the process from marketing to the closing table.  Having our team focused on the sale of the business allows you to remain focused on running your business.  The M&A transaction process typically takes 9 or more months to complete.  The last thing we want is to let your business slip before a buyer makes a determination of value. 

Here are a few scenarios we have help clients with:

  • 100% sale of the company
  • Transition to a family member or management team
  • Sale of a minority or majority share


Buy-Side Engagements

Is growth through acquisition a viable strategy option? 

There are many reasons to consider buying a business.  You could be looking to growth through acquisition, gain access to a highly trained workforce, eliminate pesky competition or to acquire intellectual property that could speed up the attainment of your strategic goals. 

No matter what outcome you seek our team can support you with:

  • Target identification
  • Outreach
  • Negotiation
  • Investment feasibility assessments