Are you an Advisor to Business Owners?

Partnering with Blue Sky Business Resources can help you achieve and maintain your "Most Trusted Advisor" status in several ways

Be the Most Trusted Advisor

The most trusted advisor is an essential resource for any business owner. This is the advisor that a business owner goes to first when contemplating major initiatives or weighing all decisions of significance. The most trusted advisor is the one partner that a business owner would never consider leaving, because they have been together through thick and thin.

In our relentless pursuit of extraordinary outcomes for business owners and their stakeholders, we know that it all begins with the advisory team. With that in mind, we have created a portfolio of resources that put you in the position to establish or strengthen your position as the most trusted advisor.

Value Added Services

When trusted advisors work in partnership with Blue Sky, they have a third-party advocate to support and reinforce the need for value-added services that your firm offers. Depending on your specialty, below are a few of the most common value added services that our partners find themselves consistently performing.


Reviewed/Audited Financials

GL clean-up

Working Capital Management


Tax Advisors

Estate Planning

Operational Tax Mitigation

Corporate Gains Mitigation

M&A Tax Structuring


Estate Creation

Contracting Management

Preliminary Due Diligence

Corporate Restructuring

IP protection

Financial Advisors

Estate Planning

Legacy Planning

Present Wealth Position 

Lifestyle and Wealth Planning

Business Bankers

Increased Capital Lending

Improved Underwriting

Faster SBA Processing

Tools to Facilitate Success

We appreciate that your book of business is hard earned, and our focus as an alliance partner to your practice is to add value and support your growthIn both new business acquisition and growing revenue with your existing clients in a value-added way. We are committed to earning our seat at the table by providing you with substantial resources and support. The following is a brief overview of the resources we can bring to bear for your firm:

Client Resources

  • Business Readiness Survey (Free & Co-Branded)
  • Key Opportunity Assessment (Free & Co-Branded)
  • Business and Market Strategy Guide (Subscription)

Firm Resources

  • CE Courses (Free to your firm with partnership)
  • VIP Education facilitation for select clients (Collaborative)
  • Access to our Alliance Network