Introducing the Deal Doctor

Designed specifically for Private Equity Groups who find an ideal target business that is not quite investment ready.


Closing More Healthy Deals

In a world of low ratios between Deals Reviewed and LOIs accepted, you need a way to make every proprietary deal you find count. The Deal Doctor is a program where Blue Sky Business Resources applies its proprietary Business & Market Strategy Guide process to help your targeted find remedy the issues that interrupted your Due Diligence effort, and to prepare the organization for a successful transition that checks all your Due Diligence boxes.

Deal Sourcing

When you finally execute an LOI, would you walk away from the sunk cost of DD if you had an alternative? the Deal Doctor is that alternative.

Peace Of Mind

Our team executes an exclusive first right of refusal so that you can be confident that the rehabilitated business will come back to you.

Secure Deal Structure

Part of our FRR contract stipulates that both parties agree to honor the deal valuation formula and structure as outlined in the LOI. 

Maintain & Build Trust

Stay current with operational progress and cultivate deeper relationships with the leaders that will be part of the transition post-close by taking part in our Quarterly Strategic Sessions.


  • You recognize that while you love the company, they are not investment ready.
  • You introduce the owner to Blue Sky and we engage to work on the company.
  • We keep you in the loop as we perform our optimization and exit readiness work.
  • When they are investment ready, we bring you back to the table.
Deal Doctor Logo


Deal Doctor Logo

Target Business Engages Directly with Blue Sky

  • BMSG Engagement for initial assessment
  • Consultative Optimization
  • Transaction support
  • Due Diligence Management

If, at the end of the process, you take a pass on the company for any reason, Blue Sky will take them into the larger market and represent them for sale.