The Value-Focused CXO


In today's uber-competitive business world, organizations are constantly seeking innovative market-disrupting ways to enhance their performance, maintain sustainable success, and maximize business value. Blue Sky Business Resources and Dr. Gruder have found a potent way.

The Overlooked Dilemma
The pressures listed above create a huge overlooked dilemma with an equally overlooked solution. As an owner or executive, you can focus primarily on day-to-day operations or primarily on boosting your business's value. Here's the thing: day-to-day operations should primarily be in the hands of your managers and the teams they lead. Your primary focus as an owner or executive should be to work on the business not in it.

But, what does that well-worn phrase actually mean?
✔ Working in your business means being operations-focused.
✔ Working on your business means being value-focused.

Ingredients in Becoming Value-Focused

The most effective way to boost your business's value is to focus on becoming exit-ready... even if you don't plan to sell your business.

This means ensuring that your executives, managers, and implementers are highly engaged, productively collaborative, and highly accountable in ways that grow them rather than punish them.

It also means that your business's owner needs to get clear about their next authentically exciting life chapter once their business doesn't need their full-time attention... or after they exit through succession or by selling it. Why? Because without high excitement about their next life phase, a business owner is at high risk of keeping their business dependent on them. This results in them unconsciously undermining their business's succession or sale process. These are common symptoms in business owners with an operations-focus instead of a value-focus.

In addition, once your business starts preparing to begin the succession or sale phase, it's crucial to consistently provide accurate messaging in order to minimize personnel anxiety and conflict. And it's equally crucial for your owner to amplify their enthusiasm and support of succession or selling.

Lastly, after the owner's exit, personnel must be helped to integrate well with the new CEO or company owner. Or, in the case of a merger, your company's culture must be helped to merge with the culture of your acquiring company. In addition, your original owner (and often their spouse) must helped to successfully implement their chosen next life chapter.

How Blue Sky Can Help You Become Value-Focused
Dr. David Gruder, Blue Sky's Business Lifecycle Psychologist, offers an integrated suite of hard-to-find services for boosting your business's success and your owner's fulfillment. By providing your business with ethical guidance in executive development, team optimization, culture transformation, conflict resolution, and owner transition assistance, he delivers much-needed strategies, mindsets, and tools that you're unlikely to find elsewhere... so your business has a far greater chance of establishing and maintaining itself as a thought and market leader in your market, despite today's fast-paced upheavals-prone landscape.

Through his uncommon expertise in connecting human behavior with organizational dynamics, Dr. Gruder stands ready to become your trusted partner in further unlocking all of the "people" parts of your business's full potential, so it can scale sensibly in ways that boost its value, so it can meet its goals and so ownership or leadership transitions unfold as smoothly as possible. Even better, what he provides integrates perfectly with Blue Sky's other services, so you get to enjoy all of the many benefits of utilizing a completely integrated approach to succeeding with your business journey.

Dr. Gruder is available to assist your business in any or all of the following key success areas:

Executive Development
Personnel Engagement and Team Collaboration
Organizational Culture Transformation
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Business Ethics and Brand Integrity


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