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Market Center Director - Greenville/Spartanburg

Joe comes to Blue Sky with a diverse background including founder of multiple tech startups ranging from Muni-WIFI and RFID to sales automation and inventory control software development.  In between startups he also worked in corporate sales and management in the datacenter and distribution industries. 

From Start-Ups to Investment Banking

Since exiting the data center world 2015, I moved into Private Equity and Investment Banking.  In the last 8 years have been able to combine my experiences into driving engagement between CEOs and investors in multiple industries. These interactions have created growth capital and M&A transactions for companies of all sizes ($1m-100m+ in revenue).

Industry expertise: B2B SaaS, Technology, Manufacturing, Industrials, Telecom, Food and Beverage, and Business Services.

What’s most important for you to know about me and my goals for you:

• No assholes (clients or investor partners)
• Market based – Market determined valuations ( no assumptions or guess work)
• Market based plans/milestones to reach higher valuations
• No long term lock up contracts
• Reduced commissions charged on self-sourced capital
• Seek the least expensive capital that aligns best with your capital requirements
• Founder Team Equity Retention is our top priority
• Want to be with you from sun rise to sun set in your business life – not just a single transaction
• Bring in only highly targeted investors to your cap raise or M&A – no broadcast email solicitation

My foundational pillars: Hustle, Transparency, Honesty, and more Hustle.

Joe Milam is a Registered Representative of Finalis Securities LLC Member FINRA/SIPC.


Areas of Speciality

Capital Raises, Lifecycle Operations, Buy and Sell Side M&A Advisory



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