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Associate Advisor - Greenville/Spartanburg


Lex is a neophyte to the IB world, but with a background in finance, banking, and investments. Lex is ready for anything thrown his way with his adaptability and astute personality. 

Humble Beginnings

Lex Espinoza was born and raised in a low-income Hispanic family with an amazing single mother in Athens, GA. Although Lex knew he had to make something of himself, to rise above his current reality, he had no idea how to get there. 
Through grit and his passionate vision of being able to impact those around him, he managed to be the first in his family to attend a university and worked hard to earn a full academic scholarship to Clemson University....GO TIGERS! 
It was at Clemson that Lex discovered his passion for finance, and found the beauty of turning numbers into something meaningful, understandable, and useful. He soon learned that there were plenty of business owners, CEOs, and founders underserved by those around them. He made it his mission to do something about it. 
Lex took that passion to Blue Sky and landed himself into an amazing team of investment bankers as an associate. He has found his place with like-minded individuals who share the passion to uphold values through all engagements no matter the size. 
Off the clock, Lex teaches student interns interested in investment banking the importance of kaizen and building a true relationship with a prospect in need of IB help. He reminds them that a true investment banker is there for the whole business cycle and keeps their client's best interest in mind at all times through integrity, transparency, and service. 

Lex Espinoza is a true success story, and he's only getting started. He's already made an impact by educating business owners, and now he's determined to leave a bigger mark.


Areas of Speciality

Capital Raises, Lifecycle Operations, Buy and Sell Side M&A Advisory



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