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Associate M&A Advisor


Stefan is new to the industry, but with a background in rescue and security, he is ready to face anything our operating teams can throw at him.

Cool under pressure

Stefan majored in International Rescue and Relief at Union College in Lincoln Nebraska. With a
background in first responder work, Stefan is experienced in working in a team to accomplish
difficult tasks in what can be stressful situations. With a positive and calm demeanor, Stefan is
ready to help business owners accomplish their goals.

Keeping it action packed
Stefan enjoys working out and is self taught in strength training and the theory behind it. After
work and the gym, Stefan likes to game and spend time with his wife riding horses, shooting
guns and bows, and adventuring. Stefan strives to do the best he can in work and free time and
will go to great lengths to improve his results in both.

Areas of Speciality

Business Analysis, Teamwork, Creative Problem-Solving